Stream Panels

$15 per panel

stream game overlays & screens


more examples

stream package

starting at $200 depending on complexity. includes 6 panels, starting + ending + BRB screens, just chatting, offline, and game overlay

avatar/model t.o.s

Base price $250 consists of:
fully rigged vrm filephysics6 basic expressions
additional expressions +$10 each new expressionadditional assets & accessories +$15-50outfit changes (depending on complexity) +$75-200iPhone facial tracking +$50unity/fbx file (ex. vrchat) +150

  • commercial use is additional 50% of total cost

  • Personal VRChat avatars only: starts at $35 depending on complexity.

  • I have the rights to deny any commission.

  • TDA assets will not be used.


  • SDK3 will be used.

  • Programs used: blender and unity

  • I cannot do quest-compatible avatars.

  • Packages will include proper credits to other creators if used.

terms of service

  • All prices are in USD via PayPal invoices, including Paypal tax (4.75%). Payments are made up-front. I will do half and half payments for orders over $80.

  • I do not accept refunds. I will issue a full refund ONLY if I could not fulfill the order.

  • Rush orders are an additional 50% of the total cost.

  • Graphics that are used for animations or other form of commercial use is an additional 10% of the total cost.

  • I reserve the rights to post and redistribute my work.

  • I have the rights to refuse any order for any reason.

  • Credit me on your channel and if you decide to post on social media.